Welcome to ecoinsulate NW

ecoinsulate Northwest strives to be the Northwest’s leading Home Performance Contractor. It’s where you eat, it’s where you sleep, it’s where you live ecoinsulate Northwest offers insulation solutions for every project and for every budget new construction OR retrofit of existing homes as well as commercial projects.

•    Injection Foam
•    Spray Foam
•    BIBS
•    Retro fit an existing building
•    New Construction
•    Commercial
•    Attics
•    Crawl Spaces
•    Wood siding walls, Brick walls, and Concrete block walls

Happy New year!

We’re off to an exciting start for 2015. 3 high performance homes in a row that will utilize BIBS, spray foam, Knauf ecobatt, and Knauf ecoseal. All 3 homes are 2,500 sqft or larger and we expect all 3 to test out lower than 2 ACH @ 50 pa. That’s 60% lower than the 5 ACH @ 50 pa required by the washington state energy code. Call us today to see what we can offer your new/remodeled home, or how we can retro fit your existing home to perform like these!