Founded 2010 in Tacoma ecoinsulate Northwest LLC has grown from an insulation contractor with 1 product (injection foam) to a Home Performance contractor with more than 200 options giving us the tools to service any project.  Insulation, air sealing, sound proofing, and ventilation just to name a few.  True to its name ecoinsulate uses products with eco friendly ingreedients.  What makes us different, though, is we carefully select products that are not only eco friendly, but eco-nomically friendly as well.

“After growing up in construction, even running a remodeling company for a while myself its incredible to me how quickly we can change a person’s relationship with their home just from insulating.  It feels different, it sounds different, and its just flat out more comfortable after we’re done with it.” – Brett Johnson (founder)

ecoinsulate embraces its place in the market as a small business.  Located in a family owned building, family/friend employees, the relationship between all of us at ecoinsulate is special and we carry that to your jobsite.  Attention to detail, friendly conversation, and a job well done are all part of what we call “the eco experience.”