ductless wall unit in home

Ductless heat pumps

We are proud to partner with Premiere Ductless, the best choice in ductless split air conditioning and heat pump systems in the Puget Sound.  The Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump products offer homeowners versatility in solving their heating and cooling requirements.  It is an indoor unit that is mounted inside a room and enclosed in an attractive space saving cabinet.  Since no ductwork is required the installation is simple and fast.  The unit is uniquely designed to provide Whisper Quiet operation.

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What are the benefits of using an HVAC (ductless heat pump)?

“HVAC” is an abbreviation for any system that offers Heating, Cooling and Ventilation. This home heating system offers efficient operation both indoors and outdoors. This system is also very easy to install, available from many manufacturers, and has been installed in both homes and commercial buildings for over 20 years.

How does the system work?complete ductless system

The heated or cooled air is delivered directly to the room. Therefore, the losses associated with ductwork (typically 15-20%) are avoided with these ductless heat pumps. They also provide heating/cooling to specific areas of the house and can be more efficient because each zone can be a specific temperature. They have an outside compressor and one or more inside “heads” that deliver air to the inside rooms. A very quiet oscillating fan delivers air more evenly to all parts of the room. The indoor temperature and automatic night setback can be set with a hand-held remote control.

When is HVAC recommended?

Ductless heat pumps are most recommended for homes with open floor plans because the indoor “heads” can serve an entire zone and not be blocked.

To replace an existing zonal heating system: HVAC systems can also replace existing electric baseboard wall units or woodstoves.

Room additions: When a room is added to a house or basement or attic is converted to living space, the ductless heat pump can provide efficient heating and cooling instead of extending the homes existing ductwork or pipes.

New construction: New homes can be designed to take advantage of these systems. The system can be installed in various zones.

What do these systems cost?

The cost of the systems is comparable to a traditional heat pump system. The installation costs depend on the difficulty of running lines and whether existing electrical work can handle the new equipment.

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