Blower Door Test Thermal Imaging Duct Pressure Test

Blower Door Test

This test can be done to determine a home’s air-tightness. If there is air leaking out you could be reducing energy consumption, adding to your energy bill, and cold or hot air could be entering into your home making it uncomfortable.  Test Cost $195.00 for new construction OR $250.00 for existing houses

How does the test work?

A blower door is a fan that mounts to the frame of an exterior door. The fan pulls interior air out lowering the air pressure. The outside air then flows through unsealed cracks which can determine leaks. Several gauges can measure the amount of air.

Watch an informational video on the process: Blower Door Test Video

Thermal Imaging Test

Thermal Imaging uses infrared technology to detect areas of different temperatures in your home or office. This technology can be beneficial when buying or selling a home or during the building process. The areas of heat differences can indicate potential moisture issues, electrical problems such as overheating, and missing or faulty insulation.  1 hr of Imaging and 10 images provided for $150.00

Watch an informational video on the process: Thermal Imaging Video

What are some of the things thermal imaging can be used for?

  • To identify moisture that might be hidden during a visual inspection. It could save you money in potential damages.
  • To find electrical hotspots that are safety hazards and eliminating the risk of fire.
  • Instead of opening walls or pipes, plumbing leaks can be found by thermal scan.

Duct Pressure Test

Duct leakage can account for energy loss and increase air condition and heating bills in your home. To prevent these problems and many others than can create a decrease in comfort, it is important to make sure your ducts are working properly. A duct leakage performance test can measure the pressure in the system using a fan to see if the flow through the system is working properly. If the duct system is tight, the air you need to run through the system will be decreased. Measurements are used to diagnose problems and to increase efficiency for your system.

Watch an informational video on the process: Duct Pressure Test Video