Customer Testimonials

We strive every step of the way to build your trust in us. At the completion of a project, we ask our clients to tell us what they think. It’s the best way for us to show you the success our clients are experiencing and to assist you in feeling good about selecting us as your insulation expert.


  • We bought a Big Deal - $149 for $500 worth of insulation. What we wanted was for them to fill in the attic areas over our 2700-sq. ft. rambler where insulation had settled.  We assumed that would not use up all of the $500 load.  So, we wanted them to use up any extra in our insulated attic space over a 3-car garage.  They were prompt in scheduling the work and arrived on time.  As they looked over the job, they went up into the attic and used measuring sticks to measure the depth of the insulation in many areas of the attic. Since the house is 16 years old, we found that the insulation is not up to current code in any of the attic spaces.  So we asked them to provide enough insulation to bring the house attic insulation up to code as well as to provide full insulation over the garage.  That resulted in an additional cost of $766.  We have a big house and we often encounter this kind of thing - extra charges due to the size of the house.They were thorough and we were quite satisfied with the work.

    Kathleen J. | Renton, WA

  • I had my walls, attic and ducts insulated, and I will be doing my crawl space next.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs this service.  The bid was very exact and easy to interpret, there were no surprises, and  the work was completed in a very timely fashion.  I was told that this insulation would change the relationship I had with my house.  Which was not good, beings I was always cold and using way too much heat.  The difference was immediate!  I only turn my heat on once, and it remains warm for the duration of the evening.  For me, this is amazing and exactly what I needed.  I am very excited to get my heating bill, as I am certain that it will show a dramatic difference.  

I appreciated the level of integrity from the owner and his crew.  I didn't realize that there was already some insulation in the walls, and I was discounted another 200$, as the extra material was not needed.  That was a great surprise!   I will continue to recommend EcoInsulate to anyone who will listen!

    Debbi L. | Renton, WA

  • The guys were all great!  Very professional and prompt.  Had them quote out some other work, but only had them do some of it.  Will plan on using them again.

    Kimberly W. | Seattle, WA

  • Are you tired of wearing a coat and hat INSIDE your house?  After 12 years in a 1905 house we sure were.  Kris from EcoInsulate came over with his fancy wall heat scanner and we went room to room seeing what we had assumed... there was very little insulation in our old craftsman.  He was really good about giving a technical explanation of what we were seeing and then dumbing it down so that a non-thermo dynamics guy like me could understand it.  We also went up in the attic and he explained how proper venting works (we didn't have it) (spoiler alert - it helps keep the house warmer in the Winter, cooler in the Summer, and your roof lasts longer - who knew?)

We've put this off for years because the house exterior has multiple original siding types and we didn't want to look at 100's of little round holes around the house.  Kris explained that they remove the cedar shingles, drill-n-fill, and then put the original shingle back on.  Other than the caulk to refill some holes (much appreciated), you can't tell the work was done from the outside.The crew showed up on time every day, were really friendly and left the worksite clean and tidy afterwards.

As mentioned, it's a 1905 house, and the top floor had the last bit of original wiring.  The insulation guys were great about removing the little amount of attic insulation so electricians had ease of access to do the final wiring remediation.  They also were great to coordinate with each other so that the electricians got the exterior electrical outlets rewired before the wall was filled with insulation. 

THE RESULT - We don't have to listen to the furnace running all day.  The house stays warm throughout and we don't wear coats inside.  If you are thinking about doing this at least get them to come with the thermal gun and show you what you have, or don't have, in your walls.

Thanks Kris!

    Mark B. | Seattle, WA

  • They were great and very helpful. My house is much warmer and stays warm. They didn't leave a mess or damage anything. Reasonable in price.

    Michelle B. | Tacoma, WA

  • Great job. It was done in a timely manner.

    Lucinda S. | Spanaway, WA

  • Very efficient, cleaned up after themselves. Very polite. I would highly recommend.

    Don W. | Tacoma, WA

  • The city made sure that they were straightforward in the work, made sure they were on code. They are very conscientious, did the little things for the work, very fair on the job. The insulation was done very well, very comfortable in my unit, very pleased with them. They were very hard workers.

    Carol C. | WA

  • My heating bills are down 26% over last year since we had EcoInsulate Northwest treat the walls and ceilings in our 1954 brick home. They finished the work just as they said they would, and passed inspections with flying colors.

    Andrew | WA

  • This is a very good company where the owners are active in their work.  They did an excellent job in sealing the existing duct work and then re-wrapped existing insulation and they did another great job in reinstalling existing insulation that was sagging underneath the house by nailing lathe slats.  They showed up at 10am with two trucks and five men and went about their work in a professional manner.  I would use them again.  The only improvements might be in some of the clean up details.  They were to clean up the vapor barrier and did but not as thoroughly as I might have.  I also found vent ducts that had no insulation originally and they were unprepared to wrap these both because of the stock they had on hand and the cost.  Neither of these issues were significant.  As I said they would have been an improvement.  I was still very happy with the work and professionalism as I was with what it costs.  They are a good group of guys and I'm sure they'll build their company.

    Dennis P. | Bellevue, WA